ODIUM - The Abyss Stared Back

Posted by wong ngalam On Selasa, 05 Juni 2012 4 komentar

dari pada diem.
iseng2 share lagi dech akhirnya..
lagunya enak kok hihihihi

When all the pictures
Lose their colors
Black and gray silhouettes
Are lost in the static
I want to taste your sunshine
On a bed of nails
You look to the man in the sky
But he was never there
When all the walls of false perception
Are crumbling at our feet
We will all remain
In a world

Where we can't
Take it all back
I don't know what I am
But I don't belong here I...
Spent years in a peaceful world
Now it's time for the relapse
As the abyss stared back
Over my shoulder
I saw there were rays of light
It's almost over
After all the false promises of change
I've lost count of all we could have been

kalo mau download lagunya klik sini aja ya

selamat menikmati.. ^_^

4 komentar:

El3kTr0 mengatakan...

Hello firend have a nice day ;)

Aully mengatakan...

Good Night Sob,,,Kunjungan PertamaX ,,di tunggu Follbacknya,,,

Pulaunya Para marapu mengatakan...

Kunjungan balik sob, mat malam

wong ngalam mengatakan...

@ elecktro : thanks ya.. have a nice day too :)

@ aully : follbacknya dah sukses sob.. :)

@ pulaunya : hihih ma'af balesnya sore sob,, kemaren dah sleeping.. Z.Z

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